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The NHS is experiencing budget shortfalls across its entire spectrum of services. This is causing a two-pronged increase in the demand for private healthcare. On the one hand, the NHS is increasingly needing to outsource routine treatments and procedures to private providers; yet, at the same time, patients are increasingly bypassing the queue by going private at their own expense or through private health insurance schemes.

The NHS outsources some of these treatments and procedures, and some are funded directly by private service users. Yet in both cases, reputational quality is paramount, ensuring that the most talented and experienced professionals in the sector are in higher demand than ever before.

Some of the positions we cover include:

  • Project/Programme Managers
  • Organisational Change Managers
  • Performance Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Governance Managers
  • General Practitioners
  • Theatre Managers
  • Clinical Services Managers
  • Ward Managers
  • Head of Community Services
  • Commercial Directors
  • Improvement Directors
  • Business Development Directors
  • Directors of Quality and Nursing Services
  • Hospital Directors
  • HR Managers and Directors
  • CFOs, Finance Directors and Managers
  • COOs/CEOs 

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