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New Year, New Job: Advice from a Recruiter

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New Year’s resolutions are back on the cards for many, as 1 in 4 people look to secure a new role. However, the job-hunting process continues to look a little different to what we’re all used to, due to societal challenges, unprecedented hurdles and virtual interviews becoming the new norm.

Working within senior level recruitment consultancy, operating largely across Healthcare, Education and Nursing, we asked members of our team for their job search advice as we enter 2022: As experts within your market, what is your top interview tip?

Take a look at their top tips and tricks to help you make a great start for a successful candidate journey this year:

Adam Drewery - Principal Consultant - Education 

A thorough understanding of the recent history and background of the institution is always key and for me, the best advice I give to my candidates in prepping for their interview is to understand where the college is on their journey and the role they play in supporting and influencing it to where it wants to get to. It’s crucial to know its most recent OFSTED grade and where its current strengths and weaknesses lie, particularly in the department they will teaching and be based.

James Rousell - Recruitment Consultant - Adult Social Care 

The number one thing that separates successful and unsuccessful candidates at interview, for a job at any level, is preparation. Particularly for some of the more senior candidates I work with who may not have interviewed for several years, it is very easy to forget the basics of how to prepare.

Have you studied the job description and picked out the essential criteria of the role? – Match your experiences with the required skills and demonstrate why you are the right candidate for this position using examples!

Have you researched the company and their ethos? – Why do you want to work for them?

Do you know who you will be interviewing with? ­– Search for them on LinkedIn, understand their experience and their role in the company!

Have you reviewed the route for in-person interviews, or tested your equipment is working for virtual ones? ­ - First impressions matter, you never want to be late to an interview or waste the first 210 minutes sorting out technical problems!

‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ ­– If you don’t believe the role you’re interviewing for is worth a couple of hours preparation time, then maybe it isn’t the right opportunity for you!

Decima Howard - Lead Senior Delivery Consultant - Social Care

My top interview tip would be to always do your research beforehand. Have a look into the company, their values and why it is somewhere you are interested in joining.

Be prepared to talk about your experience and how this can be utilised into the job position. Also think through your responses to potential scenario based questions on CQC etc and always read the reports!

You should structure all answers in interview on the following: Situation, Task, Action, Result.
With this level of preparation, you can be sure you are giving yourself the best possible chance of success!

Sam John - Delivery Consultant - Care, Education & Nursing 

One thing I’ve learnt throughout my recruitment career is that you can never over prepare for an interview. If you’re interviewing for role through a recruiter, take their advice, attend an interview preparation call/ meeting. They have your best interests at heart and set up these protocols to ensure you have the best possible chance of being offered the job. Candidates who don’t feel they need to “prep” are the ones who tend not to be hired.

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