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The New Normal: Virtual vs Face-to-Face

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Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet… to name but a few of the countless video conferencing software options we’ve become so familiar with over the past 18 months, which now form a global market worth a staggering $9.95 billion! 

Now, the idea of doing every interview face to face seems alien and feels antiquated in comparison to the fast paced, virtual interview world that we’ve been forced to adopt, but as the world starts opening its doors again, the question that needs asking is “what works best?”. 

I recently conducted a poll on LinkedIn, which had participants favouring virtual interviews over the more traditional face to face by a (perhaps unsurprising) margin of 70% to 21% (with 9% not having a preference), and it isn’t hard to see why. Many of us would rather attend an interview from the comfort of our sitting room, shirt and tie up top, jogging bottoms and slippers below, than take half a day off for another suspect ‘dental appointment’. 

As a specialist recruiter for management positions in adult social care, my experience has been somewhat mixed, and I’ve seen both pros and cons to ‘the new normal’.  

Virtual interviews allows companies to cast their net wider when recruiting new hires. Online hiring solutions have improved the process when sifting through a larger candidate pool, especially now hybrid working is dominating this space and candidates can apply from all over the country, and interview from almost anywhere.  

However, face-to-face interviews certainly do have their advantages; they allow for body language and facial expressions to be identified more effectively, they can feel more personal and some say they have a greater commitment to engage when being interviewed in person. This also brings to question, would you want to work somewhere you’ve never been? 

Whichever side of the fence you’re on, it’s clear that the way we hire is forever changed, or at least has become hybrid. Ultimately there is a balance to be had between video and face to face interviews that will be dependent on the requirements of the role and the business.  

It then comes down to hiring managers to assess this, and for people like me to advise them on how their process may impact their hiring plans…just don’t ask me to stand up in a video meeting. 

About the author:  

Having initially trained as a Physiotherapist, Toby has always had a passion for Health & Social Care.

Toby is a Senior Consultant at Panoramic Care and specialises in placing Senior Management positions across the spectrum of Adult Social Care provision.

Panoramic Care is a senior level recruitment consultancy operating across Healthcare, Social Care, Special Education, Education and Nursing. If you would like to discuss your hiring needs, if you're looking for a new opportunity, or if you have any insight on the above please get in touch with Toby today on: