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Emma Bates Interviews Author of 'One More Life Chance'

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Lydia Kirkwood

Panoramic Care’s Emma Bates, recently caught up with Mark Escott, CEO and Co-Founder of Life Chance Education.

Life Chance Education was founded in Devon and provides support to children who have suffered trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and exhibit Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties (SEMH).  Emma sat down with Mark to talk about his journey to success, his plans for the future and to discuss his first book published earlier in the year ‘One More Life Chance: How to support the journey from trauma to transformation’

​Emma said:

“Here at Panoramic Care, I have been working closely with Life Chance Education as they continue to succeed and grow their therapeutic schools for children who have experienced trauma. As they expand and create new schools, we will help them in recruiting passionate, nurturing leaders who really understand the therapeutic approach in child development.

In the video I am talking with Mark Escott, Co-Founder, and CEO of Life Chance Education. Mark recently published his first book "One More Life Chance". Here you can see us discussing the journey he went on that led him from opening his first school, to developing a fantastic company and ultimately writing a book to share with others how they can support children who have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).”